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The Firm can provide following Surveys and Services ( See in the specific page where we show all surveys/services that our Company can provide.):

General Marine Surveyors & Consultants

  Marine Surveyors & Consultants department can  provide loss assessment / surveys of a large variety  of  commodities during loading / discharge operations, marine-roads, as well as during stowage.

Also in the light of loss prevention, regularly performed in order to verify whether a vessel is suitable for loading. 

Investigations in case of vessel's casualties 

The Firm  is  able  to  release  investigations in case of theft cargoes or any suspicion of fraudulent claims.

Grain & Oleaginous Products Classifiers 

Created in 1999,this area was incorporated 

to carry  out specialized  work independent 

inspections , quality  &  quantity  controls , 

superintendancy & monitoring  for different 


A  large  team  of  professional  experts in 

different  areas , deals  with requirements 

received  from clients , offering  the fullest 

range of services.

Quality Control & Non Destructive Test

Our company staff has more than 10 years experience in the fulfillment of Non Destructive Test. 

The last generation equipment help us to  provide an excellent service, whilst keeping  Clients continuously informed of our findings and developments at any time  and anywhere.

The fact of having experienced staff and last generation equipment has as a final result  a clear  and  functional  report (according to Class Society rules) along with an explicit set  of photographs, diagrams and full set of relevant documents.  



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